Our Services
The File Drawer is a full-service professional record management center offering a variety of services to help you reduce the cost of doing business.
Our Services
Some of the services offered include
  • Retrieval and Re-filing
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Standard, Rush, and Emergency Services
  • Computerized Bar-code System
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Document Disposal
  • Box Sales
File Management Service
Our storage facility can accommodate any size business. An excellent space and money saving resource for attorneys, hospitals, doctors, real estate agencies, banks, insurance companies, service organizations and manufacturers. Our Record Management Center has provisions for storing almost anything that can be considered a “record.”
File Management
  • Retrieval of Cartons and/or Files- The File Drawer can retrieve any carton or single record in as little as 1 hour.
  • Pick-up and Delivery of Cartons and/or Files- Save even more time by allowing The File Drawer to deliver and pick-up those files for you.
  • Insertion of Cartons and/or Files- The File Drawer will scan and add new documents to your existing containers as they build up.
Secure Data Protection
We understand your records are the memory of your business. The File Drawer provides a secure environment, accessible only by our authorized personnel. Our 24-hour electronic monitoring system insures your documents are protected at all times. All documents are secured in a temperature controlled storage facility, on tall metal shelving. Other security measures are also in place so that only certain authorized individuals are allowed to accept delivery of the documents. These individuals will be listed upon the initial setup of the account. Individuals can be added or removed from the list, but no one who is not on the list will be allowed to accept document delivery. All of your documents are bar coded upon arrival for easy retrieval.
When it is time to clean out some of those old inactive files, we use a certified industrial shredding company to maintain confidentiality- using modern shredding equipment and a highly secure process. You are also welcome to remove any records from storage and destroy them yourself.
Other Services
  • Permanent Removal- The File Drawer uses a certified industrial shredding company to permanently destroy any unnecessary files.
  • Self Storage Facilities